21 Aug

If the legs of your table are uneven, this is what you need to do

You may want to change the height of a table, or adjust the height of one of the legs if the table rocks or tilts with uneven legs. You can cut a leg from the table and just change the leg length, or you can also change the shape of a leg. If you cut a table leg to be a conical shape, they generally have a more delicate look compared to legs with only straight cuts.




First, remove a leg from the table by using a screwdriver to remove the screws that secure the leg from the table to the table. Measure the table legs and make a mark or note of how much length you want to remove from the table leg so that it will still be with the other table legs.



Then, place the table leg on a table bench saw so that the end of the leg being cut is close to the saw blade. Attach the leg of a table to a table bench saw using tongs.




Finally, cut the leg of the table on which he has marked. Be sure to make a cut level by running the saw evenly across the leg. Once the leg is ready, sand the wood into which it is cut to smooth out.

Just in case, it is important to highlight that if you want to cut a table leg to be tapered, use a tapered template to guide your cuts



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