21 Aug

Placing wheels on table legs

We are going to place some wheels in the legs of the table and then, we will be able to move the table of an easy way and without spoiling the ground or make noises.

In these parties where family meals and dinners abound, it is common to move chairs and tables from one side of the house to the other. To avoid scratching the soil and not getting so much noise we will guide you to place the wheels correctly.


The first step, it is a matter of placing simple wheels, with brake, in the legs of the furniture to move it comfortably from one side to another, and at the same time, to be able to immobilize it when we need it. In order to know which model of wheel we have to buy, we return, in this case the table, to one side and check what type of legs it has. We will install wheels that are fixed with a boat screw.




We calculate the center point of each leg, mark the points of attachment and make a hole, with the drill and a drill for wood. As the wheel does not let us insert the screw, we release it from the bracket and we present the latter in the leg. Next, insert the boat screw and put the wheel back in place.





In case the table has been too high you will have to cut the legs slightly. When these are square, drawing the line of cut is very simple: with a ruler or squad, we make the marks on the four sides. In round legs, however, this measure does not serve us. We will get a perfect result, wrapping a folio around the leg.




You see how easy it is to end the annoying noises caused by the coming and going of furniture.


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