22 Aug

Let’s use the washers

Putting flat washers on your table legs stabilizes the table and protects the wood from damage. Washers help your table if it is being built for the first time or the legs are simply unstable. It is very easy to connect the nuts and washers to each leg of the table and it takes only a few minutes. Once this is done, the table rises correctly and is less likely to fall or break.


Place a blanket or towel on the floor of your work area. Putting one on the floor before flipping the table will protect the table top from scratches. After that, turn the table, without legs, on the back. You should see the four sections, or brackets or L-shaped openings, where the legs are screwed on.

Place one of the legs in the proper position. If the leg is the same shape on all four sides, there should be no problem in its fitting. There should be one or two long screws. Usually about 2 inches long – attached to the leg, on one side. The side with the screws should face the center of the table. The screws should be closer to the table face down.

Place the washer on the screw, followed by the nut. Twist the nut by hand until it is tight against the washer. If desired, tighten the wing nut with a wrench. Repeat for the other three legs. Test the legs by trying to force and make some pressure on each one; if the leg does not move, it is safe. If it does, tighten the nut with a wrench. Finally, we can flip the table back again and enjoy the result of our work.




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