23 Aug

Yes, doors can be improved too

One of the best ways to get a door trim is with an elegant handle. But when do you know which door handles to stay? Today we will talk about the types of available handles and their main characteristics.

Handles with plate

The main feature of door handles with plate is its design and versatility.

They have the right size of the hand to facilitate the opening or closing of the door. In addition, they are very light. We can find them in materials such as zamak, brass, combined alloys, aluminum and stainless steel. The accompaniment of the plate elevates it like one of the models of handles for doors more sophisticated and elaborated. In addition, we must not forget that the plate serves to protect the door from daily use by concealing any imperfection, which makes it stand out the practical point of its design.


Handles with Rosetta

The door handles with rosette stand out for their simple lines but always maintaining details that increase their distinction, being able to adapt to the great majority of models of doors perfectly.


It is a good idea in case we want to give, both to our door and to the room, a new air. Simply changing the handle will do it


Brass knobs and handles

One tends to think that it is complicated to innovate in this type of door handles. The reason is that we do not think that a really differentiating style can exist in these models. But we are very wrong: we can find a great variety of articles that will adapt to our doors integrating perfectly with the style of our room.


An example is the handles for doors, available both integrating protection plate and knob. As with all other types of door handles, there are endless designs with great decorative power highlighting their durability and quality at the best price.

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