24 Aug

The best fabrics for the sofa

When choosing a sofa for the living room or any other stay of the home we usually take into account factors such as colors, style, size or price. However, we do not always pay attention to the quality of the fabric which, on the other hand, is key in the decoration of the space where we are going to place the sofa and will determine a greater or lesser harmony with the rest of the furniture. If you have a travel jacket you can leave it over your sofa and it will look incredible




Although for many it is a mistake to choose sofas in light shades because they stain sooner, we are going to strongly recommend them to you. And is that the tapestries of light tones and with small prints will expand visually and give more light to the room. Also, the degraded fabrics or with watercolor effect are luminous and serene.

Smooth upholstery and printed cushions

On the other hand, we recommend that you leave a smooth upholstery for the sofa and combine it with prints for the cushions or the armchair. In this way, the large element becomes more neutral and the decoration can be modified with the cushions. It is also a good idea to choose smooth upholstery with textures.





Treatments to protect the sofa

If you want your sofa to last for years and years, it is best to inform you about special treatments so that the fabrics are resistant against wear, rubbing or stains. Of course, if you have children or animals at home, do not hesitate to put a washable cover.


Fashion Fabrics

Finally, we want to talk about the most fashionable fabrics for sofas, which are velvet, patchwork and interwoven multicolored wefts, linen with wefts and thick fabrics.










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